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Dorina Szabo

Lead Stylist & Owner

Lead stylist and owner at Hairarchy, Dorina Szabo is changing the way cuts and colors are delivered to men and women in Panama. Landing in Panama just eight years ago, her education and training started nearly a decade earlier in her hometown of Budapest, Hungary.

Under the tutelage of Tamas Zsidro (L’Oreal Team of Europe) and the leading hair salon in Budapest, Dorina’s love for all things beauty grew quickly. She has spent years honing and crafting her skills by working with world-renowned professionals from all parts of the world.

Taking time and care with her clients, Dorina is driven day in and out to deliver perfection to her clients. The experience she wants to deliver is all encompassing as her passion is beauty and all things beautiful.

Luis Quintero

Stylist & Make-Up Artist

Luis Quintero, is considered one of the leading makeup artists in Panama City. His love for hair and makeup have driven him for over 13 years to be considered one of the best in the industry, here in Panama. His credentials and studies have stretched across oceans by ways of attending L’oreal’s Professional Academy, studying with Davines & Wella from Venezuela, and topping it off with a certification in make-up from world renowned Lebanese make-up artist Samer Khouzami.

To this day he is part of the Elite Hairarchy Team in Panama and his work is regularly published in top publications such as: Coup D’etat, Mujer, MÍA, Teen Queen, Ellas, Hola, and Caras among others.

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Marco Antonio

Stylist & Barber

Marco Antonio Martinez, is a charismatic & diplomatic soul. Born in Merida, Venezuela in a simple up bringing. His start in the salon industry was just as simple.

As most “greats” do, Marco started from the bottom as a stylist assistant, and it was there that he realized he loved the styling world. Through observation and consistent practice when the opportunity arose, he slowly crafted his skills into what is now an amazingly creative style that people not only love to see but experience. Learning both in the salon and at workshops, Marco developed into a stylist who prides himself on delivering an exceptional experience to each and every client he works on.

With his rock n’ roll style and a great smile, Marco is the friendly face everyone loves to see each day. In just a short time, Marco has become a staple stylist in Hairarchy and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the team.

Jose Luis Sánchez

Stylist & Make-Up Artist

Jose Luis Sanchez is a 24 year old stylist and make-up artist from Venezuela. From a very young age he grew fascinated with thebeauty world watching his mom whom is also a hair stylist. He studied medicine, and even though he loved it as well, he decided to make the move into being a stylist. Inspired by his mother and encouraged by one of his best friends who is also stylist Jose advanced rapidly.

His studies and skill level continue to progress working with staple brands like L’oreal both in Venezuela and Panama, as well as Redken, amongst others. At such a young age we believe he has an amazing future of head of him not just at Hairarchy but in the overall beauty industry. Jose always says “it is not quantity what makes you good, is the quality of your service pushes you to the top.”

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Born and raised in France, after getting a taste for the beauty industry, she packed up and moved to London and Paris before landing in Panama City. She brought with her 18 years of experience including studies at Vidal Sassoon, Tony & Guy and with Frederic Mennetrier at L’Atelier Blanc. Her generous nature shines through the level service she gives to each and every client that sits in her chair. She cuts and colors with passion and smiles. Ask her what her ideal color is? And she’ll answer “The one that reflects a mood.”

Nathaly Moreno

Make-up Artist

Born in Venezuela, a self proclaimed make-up artist from birth and by heart. She has always had a passion for beauty and makeup. Starting her professional career just 5 years ago, she has studied at home, with friends and in the classroom for years. I continue to study and train my craft, being motivated day in and out moving forward doing what I love.

“I love it when a client trusts me and gives me their canvas to work with… It’s a pleasure and privilege to work on them.”

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Hana Matouskova


Hana is an exquisite stylist and a unique – vibrant energy in Hairarchy. Coming directly from the Czech Republic she has been a hairstylist for 27 years. Speaking multiple languages that include Czech, English and German.

Her career has brought her around the world, including work in Germany, USA, England, Australia and even on some cruise ships! Her many years of salon experience includes world famous Toni and Guy and Mod´s hair in Prague. Together with many advanced classes in L’oreal Professional, the Academy of Toni and Guy and Jean Marc Joubert Academy in Paris she has created an incredible career.

“I’ve always wanted to be hairstylist. I love what I do and have a passion to make people look gorgeous and happy…”

Tatjana Filipova


Tatjana Filipova, born in Riga, Latvia
is an elite Hair Stylist with over 14 years of experience in the Hair industry. She is internationally known for her elegant, sophisticated and fresh approach to both Color and Style. Receiveing her fornal education in London she honed her skills under the tutelage of iconic institutions such as the Loreal and Wella Academy, Vidal Sassoon and Tony & Guy. Combining this classical training with her own ethos and vision Tatjana is well regarded for crafting her own signature style which delivers effortless, sunkissed hair. In crafting her look Tatjana wanted to ensure it embodied the love and passion she has for her work while providing a high end salon experience that is one of a kind. This approach led to her being selected to display her talents in the famed halls of London Fashion Week.

Some of her Certifications include: Jonny Ramirez, Igor Khonin, Romeu Felipe

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